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About Greenpeake Projects

At Greenpeake Projects, our mission is to streamline the process of  finding a reliable, trustworthy, and high-quality company.  One who completes the homeowner's most time consuming and labor intensive work. A company that can meet quickly, be transparent during the process, and has the resources to "get it done" in a timely fashion.  One that can handle everything from weekly lawn mowing and weeding, to larger projects requiring specialized machines.

We recognize that homeowners quite often do not have the time or energy to spend modifying their outdoor space, or on the phone trying to get the lowest estimate from a big business. Our belief is that the homeowner should trust in the name and workmanship of the company they choose, without the higher price tags. They should know that each step of the project is insured, and the end result will exceed their expectations.

Whether it's for concrete removal, a Spring clean up, or a French Drain installation, Greenpeake Projects is the company you can rely on to complete the work efficiently and honestly. We provide quotes for larger individual projects as well as weekly, monthly, and yearly contracts.

We take a direct approach towards each customer and their plans to transform the yard, garden, or beautify a private outdoor space. 

By meeting in person, helping to draw up physical plans, or contacting city permit offices, we take the headache out of planning.

Greenpeake's attention to detail helps free up the homeowner's valuable time, and ultimately gives them confidence when moving forwards to other projects.

No job is too complex or unique!

We are a small business in Cincinnati and offer free estimates!




Honeysuckle Removal
Lanscaping neighborhood beds

Greenpeake Projects

can facilitate & assess the health of your lawn!

Landscaping & Honeysuckle Removal

Call about our monthly maintenance plans.


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Thanks for the inquiry! Greenpeake Projects will get back to you within the next 24 business hours.

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